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For too many years, the majority of Americans have been suffering under the financial domination of the wealthiest few in our society. Known as the one percent, these individuals have accumulated wealth and power while rigging the financial system against hard-working ordinary citizens.


To maintain a viable middle class in the U.S., we must reform our financial system so that it works for the average person, not just for the super-rich. The loopholes present throughout the financial industry and tax code have made it easy for these elite few to consolidate and preserve their wealth while making things much more difficult for the rest of us.


Join our mission to empower the people and level the playing field

Our government has failed to act in the people’s best interest time and again while corporations hide their profits in overseas tax havens and ship American jobs to low wage countries around the world. Meanwhile, the rest of us carry the U.S. tax burden rejected by the one percent and corporate America.


Bailouts for the Banks and the Wealthiest Members of Society

In the last decade, we have seen unprecedented transfers of funds from the public coffers to the private sector:

• The 2008 financial crisis and resulting corporate bailout cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars and has made no apparent difference in the reckless behavior of Wall Street.
• The 2010 bond buyback program championed by federal reserve administrators put trillions of dollars into the pockets of top financial firms and the wealthiest one percent.
• Reliable estimates put the total amount of the 2008 bailout at $16 trillion and rising.


These bailouts were forced on the American people with vague threats of far-reaching and disastrous economic consequences if these financial institutions were allowed to fail. Today, the banks are bigger than ever and are continuing to pay their CEOs outrageous salaries and bonuses as a reward for their fraudulent practices and utter failure in the financial marketplace.


The Common Agenda

To turn America around and improve the prospects for the rest of us, we must establish a common agenda for change that corporations and individuals alike can support and adopt. This Common Agenda is the first step toward empowering the people to take on key challenges and to reform the government. Critical tenets of our Common Agenda include:

• Acceptance and acknowledgment that the social ills facing our nation and the world are interconnected and require a collective approach
• The essential powerlessness of government agencies and officials bound by conflicts of interest and in the pocket of corporate America
• The necessary role of major corporations in any lasting change in our financial system
• Full employment with livable wages for every American citizen through a national Job Bank that offers suitable job opportunities
• Working toward a four-day work week for all employees
• Immigration reform that works to benefit all members of our society
• Debt-free higher education for students of all ages to drive the next wave of innovation and create a powerful economic stimulus for businesses throughout the U.S.
• Increased economic opportunities to reduce crime and increase buy-in among younger members of society


The Brain Fund champions these ideas and initiatives and has established The Peoples’ Empowerment Project to combat the inequities causing unrest in the U.S. The leading initiative of the Common Agenda is the establishment of debt-free college as a reality for every qualified student in our country.


Making Debt-Free Higher Education a Priority

A solid education is essential to achieving success in our modern economy. In pursuing this goal, however, many students are amassing huge debts that will follow them for the rest of their lives. This debt affects not only the students, but also the entire U.S. economy:

• Student loan debt reduces the amount of disposable income available during the critical early stages of a career. This can reduce the ability of young Americans to participate fully in economic growth and can delay the purchase of a new car, a home and many other financial milestones all which negatively impacts the economy and job growth.
• This delay in full participation in the economy can have a dampening effect on growth and production throughout the U.S.


By working toward debt-free higher education for all students, we can have a significant and lasting impact on economic conditions in our country.


Full Employment with Livable Wages

Making sure that every American has the ability to obtain a full-time job with adequate wages to support himself or herself is another key plank in our platform. We believe that full employment with livable wages is an achievable goal and we are working toward that goal every day on behalf of our fellow Americans.


Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Controlling our borders and providing opportunities to those who wish to participate in the American dream are key values for most people in the United States. By creating practical solutions for immigration reform that balance the competing interests and protect the rights of those already here while providing hope for people all around the world, we can make a positive difference in the lives of millions.


We cannot afford to wait any longer!

We cannot make these changes alone. We need the help of Fortune 1000 corporations and small businesses across the country. In partnership with the business community, we will have access to the funding needed to provide debt-free college educations, responsible immigration reform and full employment that will set the stage for economic growth and prosperity for everyone.


Why Business Support Matters

Why do we need the help of major corporations and small businesses? Because these organizations have the capital resources needed to make change a reality for our country. Because they will provide the financial support needed to implement our programs. The Brain Fund is committed to bringing businesses and consumers together to resolve some of the most serious issues facing our country today.


A Win-Win Scenario for Businesses and Consumers

The initiatives proposed by The Brain Fund as part of The Peoples’ Empowerment Project are designed to appeal to budget-conscious companies. Rather than asking for donations or new expenditures, we will ask for a reallocation of a small portion of current advertising and marketing budgets by corporate America to implementing our programs. By redirecting these funds to our programs, corporations and small businesses alike can enjoy an improved their image while building the foundation for a healthier economy and a more equitable distribution of wealth.


Putting the Pieces Together

The Peoples’ Empowerment Project is based on simple principles that have been proven to work:

• Businesses that participate in these programs will achieve greater visibility and increased saturation among key demographics, while also enhancing their public image.
• Consumers will have more money to pay for educational expenses by purchasing products and services from participating companies thereby earning points toward college funding, existing student loans, and other goals with each qualifying transaction.
• The funds received can be applied to the goals outlined in The Peoples’ Empowerment Project to reinvigorate the economy and greatly increase opportunities for everyone.


A new and innovative partnership can provide real benefits for everyone involved in the process:

• Bypassing the role of government in effecting and implementing change can help to prevent gridlock caused by conflicts of interest, reluctance to change the status quo and apathy on the part of our elected officials.
• Reallocating a portion of existing expenditures rather than requesting new spending is more acceptable by cost-conscious corporate America.
• As more companies participate in The Peoples’ Empowerment Project, the pressure to join will become much greater for non-participating companies.
• Increased participation by companies will result in a larger pool of funds to be applied to our initiatives.
• The national Job Bank program will provide a living wage with a universal basic income guarantee to all Americans, propelling them to become full participants within our economy. It will also increase wages by creating a salary floor that guarantees all full-time employees the basic necessities of life.
• By transforming the more than $1.395 trillion in student loan debt into disposable income for younger adults, we can deliver the most impressive economic stimulus in history just when we need it most.


The Peoples’ Empowerment Project will also have a positive effect in a number of key areas that include universal health care, ending the War on Drugs, establishing religious freedom and women’s rights, dealing with climate change, prison recidivism, ending the school-to-prison pipeline endemic in urban neighborhoods and beginning the hard work of rebuilding our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Our nation already has the financial resources needed to achieve these goals. All that we lack is the will to work together.


The Peoples’ Empowerment Project

In partnership with major corporations and ordinary citizens across the country, we will deliver positive change. Bringing the nonprofit organizations, charities and consumer groups together to fight for fair distribution of wealth, the elimination of crippling student loan debt and equal opportunities for every worker ensures that we achieve our objectives.


“Buycotting Corporate America”

Fortune 1000 companies and other businesses choosing not to participate in The Peoples’ Empowerment Project will be subject to the “Buycotting Corporate America” Movement!


Are you with us?

Learn more about The Peoples’ Empowerment Project or join the cause by contact The Brain Fund today at 212-845-9078 ext. 804 or email us at We look forward to working collaboratively with everyone for the betterment of our nation for all of us.


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