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Genius Registry

The Right Start with The Brain Fund

The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion for any family. It is also an opportunity to begin planning for your child’s educational future and to start saving for college through the innovative programs offered by The Brain Fund. The Genius Registry allows parents to create a college savings account and to accept donations directly into this fund in lieu of baby clothes, toys and other common baby shower gifts. With the total amount of outstanding student debt estimated at upwards of $1.2 trillion, beginning a college fund early can be a practical approach to funding these expenses in the future. For families committed to the pursuit of higher education, this first step toward college can be the best gift any baby could receive.


The Genius Registry in Practice

Expectant parents can send out invitations to their own Genius Registry baby shower through The Brain Fund website and can provide their guests with the number of their child’s registry for donations. This can allow guests to select their own preferred donation amount while still enjoying the fun and laughter of the baby shower experience. Best of all, friends and family can contribute in a significant way to the future educational endeavors of even the youngest children. This practical approach to the baby shower can significantly reduce the burden of student loan debt for your precious bundle of joy.


Suggest the Genius Registry to Friends and Family

If you have friends or family members who are expecting in the near future, suggesting that they register with The Brain Fund to set up a Genius Registry account for their baby may be the most practical help you can provide. Toys, clothing and other layette items may not be suited to the taste or preferences of the parents. A donation to the Genius Registry, however, is always welcome and fits babies of any size. By making a contribution to these college funding solutions, you can demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of these new additions to your circle of family and friends.


At The Brain Fund, we specialize in offering innovative solutions for the serious issue of out-of-control student debt. Along with our Genius Registry, we also offer the eduPOINT$ program that allows consumers to earn points toward college funding by purchasing products from one of our business partners. By taking part in our college funding solutions, you can make a positive difference in the life of a prospective college student in your own family or in your local community.


Genius Registry Setup:

To receive donations to a genius registry, you must create a member account for both yourself and the intended recipient. To create the accounts, follow these steps:
1. Click here to Go2 our member registration page
2. Complete all required information
3. If you do not already have a Referred by ID, insert (9)
4. If you do not already have a Merchant/Sponsor ID, insert (3434)
5. Upon completion of all required data, click User Registration to complete registration


Genius Registry Donation:

To donate to a genius registry, click where indicated below to be transferred to our secure donations page. To process your donation to a genius registry, follow these steps:
1. Click here to be transferred to our secure donation page
2. Choose the amount of your donation
3. Select Purpose of donation “Genius Registry”
4. Select Genius Registry Number and Genius Name (contact genius registry owner)
5. Complete required payment information (creating an account is optional)
6. Accept payment Terms & Conditions
7. When all required or optional information is completed, click “Donate Now”
8. Your PDF receipt will be available to print upon payment confirmation


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