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Advertising with The Brain Fund, Inc.

The Brain Fund, Inc., is a nonprofit organization committed to helping American students manage the costs of their college educations with innovative programs that benefit businesses and students alike. We are transforming how higher education is funded and allowing students to graduate college debt-free while providing the economic stimulus needed to boost your company’s profitability in the competitive marketplace. By integrating The Brain Fund into your company’s overall advertising strategy, you can enhance your corporate reputation while increasing your market share among members of your target audience.


How Our Program Works

The Brain Fund offers your business the chance to provide college funding for deserving students who purchase your products or services.


The process works in this way:

• Your company enrolls in The Brain Fund program as part of your advertising efforts.
• Advertisements for your products and services are presented through the GridPAGES interface.
• Students, family members and friends earn eduPOINT$ by buying products or services from your company and other participating businesses. These eduPOINT$ can be redeemed for funds to be used for a college education.
• Your company achieves increased visibility and higher sales to provide a valuable economic stimulus that can boost profitability and enhance your financial bottom line.


By promoting your products and services through the eduPOINT$ program, you can join The Brain Fund in transforming how higher education is funded. U.S. businesses are projected to spend $196.95 billion on Internet, television and other forms of advertising by 2017; some estimates put the current annual advertising costs for American businesses at well over that figure. Your participation can augment existing college financial aid and scholarship programs and can provide student loan debt-relief support to provide a debt-free higher education for aspiring graduates.


The Real Costs of Student Loans

According to a recent article published in U.S. News & World Report, the average student completes his or her college education with nearly $30,000 in debt. It is estimated that 41 million U.S. citizens are saddled with crippling student loan debt that prevents them from participating fully in the economy. The Brain Fund specializes in providing student loan debt-relief options that may allow some to graduate college debt-free. This can allow a greater degree of financial flexibility for college students and can supplement scholarships and college financial aid programs. By transforming how higher education is funded, The Brain Fund hopes to provide a cost-effective alternative to costly student loans and excessive debt. Over time, this innovative way to achieve debt-free higher education may actually serve as an economic stimulus that can have a far-reaching impact on the growth of the American middle class.


How Advertising with Us Helps You Grow Your Business

Your participation in the eduPOINT$ advertising program can provide real benefits for your business that include the following:

• You’ll enjoy added visibility among students, their families and their friends. By adding eduPOINT$ as part of your existing advertising plan, you can promote your products and services more effectively and to a larger percentage of the available market.
• By branding your business as an ambassador or sponsor of our innovative debt-free higher education funding plan, you can enhance your corporate reputation and position yourself as a company that cares about the financial issues facing college students.
• Your advertising dollars will produce significantly higher returns on investment when devoted to our college funding program than are generally realized from other marketing strategies.
• By working with our nonprofit organization to produce win-win scenarios for your customers and your business, you can help students obtain a college education while providing student loan debt-relief options that can have a positive impact for years into the future.


Reallocating a small portion of your advertising budget toward this worthy cause can help students to graduate college debt-free and can generate positive buzz about your company, your products and your services in the highly competitive commercial marketplace.


Supporting Our Ongoing Efforts

The potential economic stimulus of our revolutionary debt-free higher education funding program cannot be measured in dollars and cents alone. By promoting The Brain Fund and the eduPOINT$ program, you are also making an investment in students across the country and allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a college education without the crippling debt often associated with these endeavors. As a business ambassador, you can encourage other companies to join in our efforts and can promote your participation to derive maximum benefit for your company and for college students locally and nationally.


At The Brain Fund, we believe that a college education should be within reach of any qualified student. By marketing your products and services through our innovative eduPOINT$ program, you can increase your corporate visibility while doing real good for college students and creating a positive image for your company in the public arena. Participating in the eduPOINT$ program and advertising through GridPAGES can allow your company to build lasting relationships with clients and customers that can lead to long-term profitability.


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