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The Right Start for Future Academic Success with The Brain Fund

Getting the right start is crucial for children in the academic setting. As a daycare or preschool operator, you can help parents and students in your facilities by providing them with information about The Brain Fund and our innovative programs that aim to provide U.S. students with the opportunity to graduate from college debt-free. By enrolling in the eduPOINT$ program administered by The Brain Fund, parents of preschoolers and daycare attendees can begin planning for college early.


Presenting Funding Options for Parents

By promoting the programs and visibility of The Brain Fund, preschools and daycares can provide added value for parents already concerned about the cost of college educations and the sky-high amount of student debt already racked up by graduates in the U.S. Most recent estimates for the amount of student loan debt currently burdening college graduates across the country put this figure at $1.2 trillion, and that amount continues to rise. Your child care facility can make a real difference for families looking to the future and planning ahead to manage these costs. Because participation in the eduPOINT$ program is free of charge to parents, students and other family members, this innovative initiative can provide real answers to the college funding conundrum.


As daycare operators and preschool teachers, you can have a significant impact on the parents and families with whom you come in contact. Promoting the programs and initiatives of The Brain Fund can help families make the most financially sound preparations for the college careers of even the youngest children and can help your facility serve the needs of your students more effectively both now and well into the future. The eduPOINT$ program and the other initiatives available through The Brain Fund can provide a new way to fund college educations and achieve debt-free college education solutions for families across the U.S.


Endorsement of a common agenda platform by the below organizations reflects support for the critically urgent need to address core social ills and the plethora of underlying interconnected and interrelated ones, but is not necessarily an endorsement of The Brain Fund’s “Action Plan”, The Peoples’ Empowerment Project (TPEP) in its entirety.



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