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Support Debt-Free College Education: Sponsor an Auction for The Brain Fund

Auctioning off items you no longer need or want can be a fun and cost-effective way to raise money to support the educational funding efforts of The Brain Fund. By donating items of value or soliciting donations from your local community and then auctioning them to raise funds on behalf of The Brain Fund, you can make a positive difference in the lives of aspiring college students. The Brain Fund is a not-for-profit organization that offers programs designed to allow students to graduate from college debt-free or to defray a large portion of the expenses incurred during a college education.


We can conduct auctions for a wide range of items and packages that include the following:

• New and used computer equipment
• Electronics, including televisions and stereo equipment
• Cash awards
• Scholarships
• Luxury dream vacations and destination wedding packages
• Name brands, designer goods and jewelry
• Automobiles and motorcycles
• Real estate holdings, including homes and condominiums
• Any other items of value that can be auctioned off for cash


By donating a portion of the funds earned by auctioning these items to the Brain Fund, you may be able to enjoy significant tax advantages while helping students and their families earn money toward their college educations. These auctions for a cause can generate added visibility for The Brain Fund as well as helping to support this nonprofit organization financially. We also auction off new merchandise to generate funding for our efforts on behalf of aspiring college students and their families. For a nominal bid fee, you can compete for the chance to win top-quality items while supporting our worthy cause.


Our nonprofit partners, ambassadors and individual members also use our auction platform to conduct auctions for their causes and individual college education funding needs.


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