Keeping the Faith: Churches and The Brain Fund

Churches and religious organizations can have a significant impact on community attitudes regarding a wide range of subjects. By taking a stand on behalf of students and working to combat the crippling degree of debt currently experienced by many college graduates, your church can have a positive impact on the lives of families close to home and across the U.S.


Revolutionizing the Way College Education Is Funded

The Brain Fund was founded to create innovative solutions to the problem of student loan debt. With the total amount of debt owed by U.S. students estimated at well over $1.2 trillion and rising with each passing day, the need for positive action on this issue has never been greater. By working with your congregation or membership to promote The Brain Fund and our array of programs designed to reduce student debt, you can help families achieve greater financial stability when putting their children through college.


Doing the Most Good in Your Own Community

The eduPOINT$ program allows students, family members, church sponsors and friends to earn points that can be redeemed to fund a 529 College Savings Plan administered by The Brain Fund. Points are awarded for purchases from our partner merchants or for successful recruitment of consumers or businesses. Participants can earn up to $1,000 per year on behalf of their chosen student. With sponsors from public and private Fortune 1000 companies as well as large and small businesses nationwide and locally, this can quickly add up to real help in funding college educations for deserving local students.


By letting the members of your church know about the eduPOINT$ college funding program and promoting this initiative with fundraisers, sponsored scholarships and other means of support, you can provide added help for the members of your flock in achieving their educational goals and bettering their financial situations.


Endorsement of a common agenda platform by the below organizations reflects support for the critically urgent need to address core social ills and the plethora of underlying interconnected and interrelated ones, but is not necessarily an endorsement of The Brain Fund’s “Action Plan”, The Peoples’ Empowerment Project (TPEP) in its entirety.



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