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High Schools

Helping High School Students and Parents Pay for College with the Brain Fund

By the time they reach high school, students should be preparing for the challenges and opportunities of college. At The Brain Fund, our sole purpose is to provide college-bound students with options that can allow them to graduate debt-free and ready to enter the economy. The average college graduate carries more than $30,000 in student loan debt as of this year; that figure is expected to rise along with tuition rates and the overall cost of living. High school administrators can provide help for their students by promoting the innovative programs of The Brain Fund, including the eduPOINT$ initiative.


The eduPOINT$ Funding Opportunity

The eduPOINT$ program allows participants to earn funding for college by purchasing products and services from merchants that partner with The Brain Fund. The eduPOINT$ earned can be redeemed for funds that are then added to the student’s 529 College Savings Plan. There is no cost to parents, students, friends and family members for this service. Since each participant can earn up to $1,000 per year for the student of their choice, the available college funding can quickly add up to a tidy sum that can be used to pursue a course of studies at an accredited college or university.


High school counselors, administrators and principals can make a positive impact on the future academic careers of the students enrolled in their institutions by promoting eduPOINT$ and other programs offered by The Brain Fund to help families prepare for the costs of higher education and reduce the amount of debt carried by students after graduation from accredited colleges and universities. Fundraisers, meetings and other activities can support The Brain Fund’s quest to provide debt-free college education for all deserving students.


Endorsement of a common agenda platform by the below organizations reflects support for the critically urgent need to address core social ills and the plethora of underlying interconnected and interrelated ones, but is not necessarily an endorsement of The Brain Fund’s “Action Plan”, The Peoples’ Empowerment Project (TPEP) in its entirety.



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