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Summer Camp

How Summer Camps Can Help Revolutionize College Funding

Summer camp is a unique opportunity for children and teens to experience a taste of independence and to learn new socialization skills in a supervised environment. As a camp counselor or administrator, you can provide even greater value for your students by encouraging them to participate in the eduPOINT$ program offered by The Brain Fund. This innovative program is designed to allow parents, family members and friends to sponsor a student by purchasing items and services from our partner companies. Since each sponsoring participant can earn up to $1,000 per year on behalf of their student, these funds can quickly add up to a significant amount of money toward a college education.


A New Way to Look at College Funding

In 2015, the average college graduate will complete their studies with more than $30,000 in student loan debt. This can present crippling financial difficulties for these new entrants into the workforce. At The Brain Fund, our goal is to reduce this debt and to deliver options for students that can allow them to graduate from college debt-free. We actively recruit businesses to advertise their products and services using our innovative GridPAGES platform and put these revenues to work on behalf of aspiring students across the U.S.


How the eduPOINT$ Program Works

Parents, family members and friends of prospective college students can earn eduPOINT$ by purchasing goods and services from merchants who agree to partner with The Brain Fund. These eduPOINT$ can be redeemed for up to $1,000 per sponsoring participant per year and go toward funding the student’s 529 College Savings Plan. By promoting this innovative program for the children who attend your camp, you can make a real and lasting difference in their future financial stability during and after their college careers.


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