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Funding, Learning and Other Vital Career Resources

The Brain Fund, THE resource for all your college funding requirements and more!


Accredited Colleges

Find and Compare Schools


Comprehensive Immigration Reform
The Brain Fund’s Comprehensive Immigration Project


Debt-Free College Financial Aid

The Brain Fund, Inc.
Federal Student Aid – Grants and Scholarships
Starbucks – The Future of Higher Education Funding
Fiat Chrysler – The Future of Higher Education Funding


Debt-Free College For All – Foundation Support

Inside Philanthropy
Which Funders Are Worried About the Student Debt Crisis?

——(Carnegie Foundation, Ford Foundation, Gates Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, Kresge Foundation, Lumina Foundation)


Debt-Free College For All – Nonprofit Support

The Brain Fund, Inc


The Institute for College Access and Success



The Peoples’ Empowerment Project


Financial Aid Information

The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid

The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid – Repayment Plans: Interest Rates Calculations Review

American Student Assistance

Ultimate Guide to Student Loan Resourecs


Full Employment @ Livable Wages with Universal Basic Income Guarantee and Annual CPI Adjustment

The Brain Fund’s Full Employment Project



Bureau of Labor Statistics – Employment Situation Summary

Good Jobs First!



Paying for College – Compare Costs

The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid

U.S. Department of Education

U.S. Senate Student Loan Debt Crisis Awareness, But Little or No Action!


Learning Tools
Khan Academy


News – College Debt

America’s Growing Student-Loan-Debt Crisis

Class of 2015 has the most student debt in U.S. history!

How Far To Free?

Here’s how much college will cost you this year (view video only)

Negotiating a Settlement on Student Loans

ProPublica College-Debt Series

Student Debt Is Worse Than You Think!


News – Other

Higher Education Institutions Are Finally Making Money

How Electronic Payments Are Helping Higher Education

The Politics Behind Your College and How You Pay For It

There’s a hunger problem on America’s college campuses

When unpaid student debt leads to a smaller Social Security check

Women Are Taking Over This Part of College Campuses



Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

— Student Loans

Federal Government Spending

National Priorities Project

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Population Clock

Statistic Brain Research Institute

— Average Cost of College Tuition

— Advertising Revenue by Format Statistics

— Advertising Spending by Media Outlet Statistics

The Institute for College Access & Success

U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Post-secondary Education (OPE)

U.S. high school graduation rate is up — but there’s a warning label attached

Wilki – Education in the United States

Wilki – Higher Education in the United States

Wilki – Lists of American Institutions of Higher Education


Student Loan Borrowers Assistance

5 Essential Strategies When You’re Broke and Can’t Pay Your Student Loans

Get out of default – loan rehabilitation
Student Loan Borrowers Assistance

Student Loan Repayment Scams: How To Avoid Being Ripped Off

What to do when you can repay your student loans


U.S. National Debt Clock
As An American Citizen, Just How Much Do I Owe (but I’m only a newborn taking my first breath of polluted air)?

World Debt Clock – Comparisons


Voter Registration

The Brain Fund Voter Registration Project


Websites and Organizations We Like!

Between The Lines

The Labor Institute
How Do We Build A Movement to Reverse Runaway Inequality (Must see video only)



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