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Supporting Staff and Volunteers: How The Brain Fund Can Help Your Nonprofit

As a nonprofit organization, The Brain Fund team understands the challenges inherent in providing benefits and incentives for team members and volunteers. Added financial security and reduced debt is one of the most important perks you can offer for your staff members. At The Brain Fund, we offer innovative solutions to a major problem facing American families:
• The ever-increasing burden of student debt carried by college graduates


This issue is crippling the U.S. economy and preventing new entrants into the job market from achieving their full potentials. Current estimates place the average debt of college graduates at more than $30,000 and the total student loan debt across the country at over $1.2 trillion. The Brain Fund is committed to reducing these figures through programs designed to allow students to graduate college debt-free.


The eduPOINT$ Initiative

Conceived and administered by The Brain Fund, the eduPOINT$ program allows families and friends of aspiring students to earn points toward college funding by making purchases from one of our merchant partners. These businesses agree to support the efforts of The Brain Fund by advertising through our GridPAGES platform. All advertising revenues earned in this way are used to further our goals of debt-free college educations and to fund 529 College Funding Plans for students. The Brain Fund has created a win-win scenario for companies and consumers:
• Families of college-bound students can earn funds for use at an accredited institution of higher learning.
• Companies gain added exposure and visibility for their products and services.


By promoting our programs throughout your organization, you can provide added help for staff members, volunteers and members of the community in managing the costs of college and preparing for the future educational pursuits of their family members and friends.


By promoting this innovative solution to the ongoing problem of college debt, nonprofit organizations can provide real help to parents and families struggling to find ways to put their children through college. We offer practical solutions that can provide added help for your volunteers, your staff members and the communities you serve.


Endorsement of a common agenda platform by the below organizations reflects support for the critically urgent need to address core social ills and the plethora of underlying interconnected and interrelated ones, but is not necessarily an endorsement of The Brain Fund’s “Action Plan”, The Peoples’ Empowerment Project (TPEP) in its entirety.



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