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The Ambassadors’ Fund

The Benefits of Becoming an Ambassador for The Brain Fund

The Brain Fund is an innovative not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing the unprecedented amount of student debt and to creating pathways for students to graduate from college debt-free or with few loans to pay off and improved economic prospects. Serving as an Ambassador for The Brain Fund can not only allow you to be a part of this exciting initiative but can also provide you with significant financial rewards over the course of your participation.

By actively recruiting members and companies to participate in the programs established by The Brain Fund, our Ambassadors earn the right to share in the Ambassadors’ Fund. This fund was designed to reward those who work diligently on behalf of our initiatives and programs and who help to spread the word to businesses and families to secure their participation. Funded through a 10 percent commission on paid advertising through The Brain Fund’s GridPAGES program, this fund will be shared among Ambassadors based on their success in recruiting individual participants and corporate partners for our activities.



Eligibility for Ambassador Status

Aspiring Ambassadors for The Brain Fund must meet a few simple requirements:

• They must be at least 18 years old or must be supervised by a parent or guardian to ensure safety during the performance of their duties.
• Ambassadors act as representatives of The Brain Fund and are required to promote our programs and initiatives. To that end, Ambassadors must actively recruit business partners and participants to ensure the success of our activities.
• Our Ambassadors must present a positive image on behalf of The Brain Fund to be effective as our public emissaries.


For those who achieve an exceptional degree of success in recruiting new members and corporate partners for our initiatives, the rewards can be significant:

• Up to $100 in commissions for each individual registered under the Ambassador’s ID number
• Up to 10 percent of the annual advertising fees for each (maximum $250) business recruited in corporate commissions per year under the Ambassador’s ID number
• Permanent employment opportunities


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Interested Ambassadors or Ambassador Groups can use our Revenue Sharing Calculator to calculate their projected share of revenue that can be earned through their recruitment commitment on behalf of The Brain Fund.


Activities performed on behalf of The Brain Fund can also be mentioned on college applications and funding requests to demonstrate the Ambassador’s commitment to our worthy cause. By dedicating your time and efforts on behalf of our non-profit organization, you can be part of our campaign to transform the way college educations are funded in the U.S. and can enjoy added financial benefits that can add up to real savings toward your own educational and economic goals.


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