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Sponsorship 1.0

The Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor for The Brain Fund

At The Brain Fund, we rely on our sponsors to provide real material support for our ongoing efforts to revolutionize college funding options in the United States.


Sponsors typically provide financial help through one or more of the following methods:

• Purchasing advertising on our GridPAGES marketing platform
• Making donations of cash or merchandise to support our projects and programs
• Actively recruiting businesses to act as partners in our educational funding efforts
• Promoting the programs of The Brain Fund directly to students and their families to encourage
participation and ensure greater visibility for eduPOINT$ and other initiatives


Business sponsors can enjoy the added benefits accruing from their association with our worthy cause and can publicize their efforts on behalf of students while engaging in effective online marketing through the GridPAGES advertising platform. This can result in a win-win situation in which students acquire much-needed funding to continue their collegiate pursuits while your business reaches a larger audience and increases its visibility in local, regional and national marketplaces.


The Brain Fund offers numerous opportunities for businesses and individuals to make a real difference in the lives of students across the country and in local communities. By supporting our efforts to reduce the crippling burden of student loan debt for graduates from institutions of higher education, you can help to ensure a brighter future for these individuals and for their families. The synergy created by sponsorship of these activities on a corporate level can enhance your public image and can create lasting relationships with consumers that can last for years into the future.



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