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It’s that simple.


There’s no catch-22 and no college loans to pay ever!
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Do your part by help us register all 41+ million student loan debtors owing more than $1.3+ trillion by registering today, and we’ll begin paying your monthly student loan payments.




Note: The assumption (the taking over of another’s debts or obligations) of student loan debt is based on The Brain Fund achieving our membership goals (Join Today!). We will leverage the membership to secure responsible businesses / advertising partners willing participate in our eduPOINT$ program and to re-allocate a portion of their existing collective $196.5+ billion annual advertising budget to fund debt-free higher education for all.


Visit our Statistics section on our Resources page for a list of the top (10) advertising companies and top advertising spending by category.


Visit our Funding pages for a complete list of our revenue sources.


Editing Submitted Loan Data

To update previously submitted student loan data, click here.


Employment Status

If your employment status is “Unemployed” submit your resume to our Job Bank for consideration as employment opportunities become available with The Brain Fund and our Coalition Business Partners/Sponsors.


Our Job Bank is a compilation of desired employment opportunities individuals are seeking and needed workforce increases employers desire to fill, but do not currently have the revenue needed to support the hiring these needed workers.


Our goal is to use this as a platform to convert Unemployment into Full Employment and to banish the word “Unemployment” from all dictionaries except for historical references as in the movie – Back to the Future!


Full-Employment as it relates to social policy is best describe in a Washington Post article by a well known economist and former treasury secretary as “The best social policy is a high-pressure economy in which firms are chasing workers rather than workers chasing jobs.”


More to come as we roll-out our Full-Employment proposal!


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