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Who We Are

Advocates For Debt-Free Higher Education For All!

The Brain Fund is headquartered in New York City and is a not-for-profit national organization dedicated to creating mutually beneficial partnerships between consumers and companies to further our goals of debt-free college education for all. Our 529 College Savings Program is designed to work with our other initiatives to provide real options for students and families in managing the costs of higher education in the U.S.


The Brain Fund offers practical strategies for funding college educations, including our eduPOINT$ program that allows consumers to earn points by purchasing products and services from our participating corporate partners. These points can then be redeemed for college funds that can be applied on behalf of students at accredited institutions of higher learning across the U.S. In this way, businesses can boost their visibility and become a preferred provider for consumers who participate in our customer loyalty programs.


The Brain Fund is composed of businesses both large and small and includes both privately held and public organizations. Our participants include not-for-profit organizations supporting other worthy causes and ordinary citizens from across the country who share our goal of revolutionizing the way college education is funded here in the U.S. Most importantly, we are the 41 million students and graduates who are already burdened with crippling levels of debt and the families who love them. By working together, we can make a positive difference for students and can change the funding paradigm to break the cycle of debt and economic disadvantage that currently plagues students during their college careers and after graduation.


We also offer programs designed to ease the burden of student loan debt and to provide real relief for these students and their families. By working with us, businesses and consumers can reduce the current $1.269 trillion in student loans currently outstanding in the U.S. and can ensure a brighter future for families, businesses and the economy as a whole.


By joining with us to revolutionize the way we fund college education in America, you can have a significant impact on these critical issues:

• Income and wealth inequities
• Prison recidivism
• Lack of educational opportunities
• Reduced buying power for students entering the job force


The Brain Fund is a 501(c)(3) college funding endowment designed to help American families achieve their educational dreams. Add your voice and your support to our efforts to achieve debt-free higher education for all.


Join Us and Be The Change You Want To See!


Tax Exempt Status
Please visit http://www.irs.gov Exempt Organizations Select Check to confirm our tax exempt status. As a convenience, we’ve provided a direct link to The Brain Fund, Inc. IRS tax exempt status record.