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Consumer Benefits

Benefits for Consumers

Consumers who participate in the programs and projects managed by The Brain Fund can achieve significant benefits that go beyond the college funding solutions we offer.


By purchasing through our partners, you can enjoy the following advantages:

• You can receive special discounts and incentives available only to participants in the eduPOINT$ program.
• Increased assurance that the company is an established and reliable source for the goods and services you seek can provide you with added peace of mind when shopping online.
• Costs are borne by the business partners of The Brain Fund and are not payable by students or customers of these corporate concerns.


The primary benefit, of course, is the increased funding available to students through the eduPOINT$ system. By participating on behalf of a friend or family member, you can generate added college funds for a deserving student:

• Qualifying purchases can net up to $1,000 per year for the student’s 529 College Savings Fund.
• You can earn added funding for your chosen student through In-Store INSTANT WIN contests.


Your efforts can help local students graduate from college debt-free while providing real support for our goal of reinventing the way higher education is funded throughout the United States.


At The Brain Fund, we are committed to helping students escape the trap of excessive debt. Join our cause by enrolling in the eduPOINT$ program and begin enjoying the benefits of participation today.



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