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Business Benefits

How Supporting The Brain Fund Helps Businesses

At The Brain Fund, we are committed to finding the best solutions to allow students to graduate without the heavy financial burden of student loan debt. To that end, we have created a number of innovative programs that work together to allow students to achieve their academic goals while managing this problem effectively. Businesses can also benefit by participating in the programs and advertising initiatives created by The Brain Fund.


Some of the most important advantages for our business partners include the following:

• Increased visibility among students, parents and their friends and the chance to reach previously untapped
markets locally, regionally and nationally
• Improved reputation management that presents your company in the most positive light as an active part of the solution to excessive student loan debt throughout the United States
• Scholarship partnership with essential highly skilled & qualified American STEM workforce
• Enhanced good will and other intangible benefits for your corporate branding strategy
• Online and mobile advertising platforms that reduce paper consumption and generate valuable green-friendly credibility for your business enterprise
• Increased sales and traffic to your website due to the added publicity achieved through the GridPAGES advertising platform and participation in the eduPOINT$ program
• Ongoing relationships with consumers who first encountered the business through its affiliation with The Brain Fund


By partnering with The Brain Fund and participating in these innovative advertising and marketing activities, your company can achieve a more positive reputation and an improved position in your local marketplace. For businesses just gaining a foothold in the social media environment, The Brain Fund can provide a valuable source of topics for posts and tweets to engage your target audience and present your company as a leading force in the effort to reduce student loan debt nationwide.


In a larger sense, however, businesses that participate in the programs and projects of The Brain Fund are paving the way for increased profitability in the future. Educated individuals are more likely to earn larger salaries and to possess greater buying power in the consumer marketplace. By relieving these graduating students from some or all of their debt, companies can help to create positive change and to generate added growth throughout the local and national economy. This can pay off in increased demand for your company’s products and services and can potentially lead to increased profitability for many years to come.



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