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College Funding 1.0

>>>>>> Breaking News Alert <<<<<< There’s a higher education funding and student loan debt crisis in America!

A New Way to Look at College Funding

According to a study published in November 2014 in U.S. News & World Report, the average U.S. college student racks up nearly $30,000 in debt during a four-year course of studies. While this figure varies depending on the public or private status of the college in question and the state in which studies were undertaken, the general consensus is that students can look forward to a future filled with debt if steps are not taken immediately to address this situation. At The Brain Fund, we have created an innovative program that allows students and their families to earn funds for college while purchasing goods and services through our partner companies.


The Smarter Way to Save for College

While most families of college-bound students are already planning and saving for these significant expenses, The Brain Fund believes there is a better and faster way to manage these costs proactively. Our eduPOINT$ program is designed to ensure optimal quality of life for participants while allowing a portion of the financial resources spent on products and services from our partners to go toward funding college educations for students across the U.S. This win-win scenario provides real benefits for families while delivering the exposure and visibility companies need to succeed.


Little or No Additional Financial Investment

Companies that participate in the GridPAGES and eduPOINT$ programs simply reallocate a portion of their existing advertising budget to provide debt-free higher education options for college students. This allows added exposure in key demographics while requiring minimal adjustment of existing marketing strategies and monetary allocations. By advertising on the GridPAGES platform and offering eduPOINT$ incentives for purchases, companies can improve their public image and can engage in proactive reputation management, allowing them to boost their visibility in a positive way among prospective college students and their families and friends.


The Brain Fund was founded to help students manage the expenses associated with a college education. As student loan debt continues to spiral upward, reputable sources have projected that this financial burden will exceed $1.2 trillion by 2017. As a nonprofit organization, we focus our efforts on innovative programs that create real synergy in the educational field. The eduPOINT$ program works in conjunction with our GridPAGES advertising platform to allow companies to repurpose a portion of their current marketing budgets to help college students graduate debt-free or with much less student loan debt. By participating in these initiatives, companies and students can create a real economic stimulus that can provide real benefits locally and across the United States.


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