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What Are eduPOINT$

Earn eduPOINT$ With Each Purchase!

The eduPOINT$ program is a key component of The Brain Fund’s efforts to create debt-free higher education options for U.S. students. Each time a participating consumer makes a purchase from one of our partner merchants, he or she earns eduPOINT$ redeemable for college funding for a deserving student or participant. These funds come directly from the advertising expenditures of our corporate partners and are available at no cost to students, families and other participants. With potential eduPOINT$ earnings of up to $1,000 each year per participant, the amount available for funding college expenses can quickly add up to provide real help in achieving a debt-free college education.


Businesses that partner with The Brain Fund to distribute eduPOINT$ assign a specific number of points for each purchase based on the amount spent and the products or services involved in the transaction. The funds earned through the eduPOINT$ program are saved in a 529 College Savings Plan in the name of the chosen student or participant and can be used along with scholarships and other sources of financial aid to significantly reduce the costs of higher education for students.


Individuals who serve as an Ambassador for The Brain Fund can also earn eduPOINT$ toward college educations for themselves or for a specific beneficiary. These dedicated individuals commit to promoting the programs and activities of The Brain Fund by raising awareness of the program in their local communities, recruiting new business partners to participate in the eduPOINT$ program and to advertise through the GridPAGES platform and by encouraging students and their families to enroll in the program and begin earning their way toward a debt-free higher education.


Once earned through qualifying purchases or activities performed on behalf of The Brain Fund, eduPOINT$ may be redeemed to pay for tuition, student fees, books and other educational expenses at accredited colleges and universities. Redeemed eduPOINT$ never expire, making it easy for aspiring students to achieve significant sums toward their college educations. Participation in the eduPOINT$ program is absolutely free for consumers and can pave the way for a brighter future with little or no student loan debt upon graduation for U.S. students.


How many eduPOINT$ do I earn my purchase?

1. Each participant will be eligible to earn between 1 and 25,000 eduPOINT$ with each purchase from our participating partners. eduPOINT$ will be awarded based on two criteria:


a. Partner participation levels

Business Participation Costs and eduPOINT$ Distribution Calculators – Our eduPOINT$ program coalition partners (business and individual participants) can use our eduPOINT$ Calculator to determine how each will be impacted by participation.


b. Participant purchase amount
Within each of our partner participation levels, eduPOINT$ will be awarded in incremental amounts based on sales amount


Earn Bonus eduPOINT$

Participants can earn double, triple or quadruple eduPOINT$ when purchases are made with The Brain Fund’s branded VISA card. Click here to learn more about earning bonus eduPOINT$.


How do I begin earning my eduPOINT$?

1. Become a conscientious consumer and shop only at participating coalition business partners who support debt-free higher education with their advertising dollars in partnership with The Brain Fund.
2. Register to participate.
3. Locate participating business partners by searching our business directory.
4. Shop at our participating partners for your everyday needs.
5. Participating merchants will award eduPOIINT$ upon checkout.


How do I redeem my eduPOINT$?

1. Some partners will automatically transfer your eduPOINT$ to your member account. Other merchants will provide you with an eduPOINT$ ID number which can be redeemed online after account login.
2. Each time you redeem an eduPOINT$ ID number, you will receive a message confirming that the ID was successfully redeemed


Play our ECMG Bonus Prize Contest

1. With each eduPOINT$ ID participants are automatically eligible to play our ECMB Bonus Prize Contest.
2. When an eduPOINT$ ID is redeemed for a participant automatically by our partners or manually by a participant, notification will be provided confirming if your ID number is a winning ECMG Bonus Prize Contest ID number. If your ID is a winning ID, you will be entitled to the next available ECMG bonus prize. No purchase is required to play our ECMG bonus prize contest if you play online by simply viewing our partner Ads which are identified by our SIGN-UP2 icon.


Join Now to start earning eduPOINT$ with each purchase from our participating partners.


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