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Ambassadorship 1.0

Become an Ambassador for The Brain Fund

At The Brain Fund, we depend on ambassadors to promote our programs and to recruit community leaders to join our cause. Our ambassadors are responsible for presenting a positive image of our nonprofit organization and our worthy cause:

• To promote college funding options that can allow students to graduate from university studies


To serve as an ambassador for The Brain Fund, volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or must work directly with their parent or guardian. Other requirements for this position include the following:

• Ambassadors must agree to promote the activities of The Brain Fund and to recruit business and
consumer participants to the program.
• These individuals must take an active role in raising visibility for The Brain Fund and increasing
awareness of programs designed for businesses and consumers alike.


Commissions are sometimes available for ambassadors who recruit business affiliates or individuals to join our cause. Additionally, volunteers are considered first when opportunities for paid employment arise at The Brain Fund central offices.


By taking time from your busy daily schedule to support the work of The Brain Fund, you can make a positive difference in the lives of college students and can help to change the existing paradigm of stifling student debt and reduced economic power for new college graduates. You can play an important part in breaking the cycle of excessive student loan debt while helping us revolutionize the way college education is funded. Be an ambassador for The Brain Fund and make a positive difference in the future of college educational funding.


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