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What Is It

College Funding through The Brain Fund: What Is It?

The Brain Fund was founded to address a single issue:

• The overwhelming degree of student debt facing college graduates in the current educational environment


The average amount of student debt incurred by graduates of a four-year course of college studies is rapidly approaching $30,000. By 2017, it is estimated that student loans will account for $1.2 trillion in debt and will rank second only to mortgage loans in overall consumer debt in the U.S. The need for alternative sources of funding for college students has never been greater.


An Innovative Idea

The Brain Fund is a nonprofit organization based on a unique partnership between businesses and consumers (students, parents, grandparents, etc.) that provides solid benefits on both sides of the equation:


• Businesses participate in the GridPAGES advertising platform and set aside a portion of their marketing budget to provide eduPOINT$ benefits for students seeking a college education. This added exposure to families and friends of prospective college attendees can boost visibility for smaller companies and can create a more positive public image for businesses of all sizes.
• Family members, friends and students can purchase goods and services from businesses that partner with The Brain Fund to earn eduPOINT$. These can then be redeemed for up to $1,000 per year per participant toward the cost of a college education for a deserving student.


By creating win-win scenarios for businesses and consumer participants, The Brain Fund hopes to revolutionize the way in which college educations are funded in the United States.


Establishing a New Paradigm

The eduPOINT$ program is one of the cornerstones of The Brain Fund’s quest to resolve the college funding conundrum. Parents, family members and friends can purchase products through one of our partners to earn eduPOINT$ that can then be redeemed toward higher education expenses. This can take some of the financial pressure off families already experiencing budgetary shortfalls and can supplement scholarships and other financial assistance options.


At The Brain Fund, we are changing the definition of college funding to provide a more financially friendly environment for students and families struggling with the overwhelming costs of higher education. By creating programs like eduPOINT$, we can reduce the impact of student loans on the lives and futures of university students and can provide a practical economic stimulus to ensure a brighter financial future for all participants in our programs. We are committed to delivering realistic options that can allow students to get out of college debt-free and ready to participate fully in the U.S. economy.



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