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How It Works

How Our Programs Work

Understanding how the programs created and administered by The Brain Fund work can help businesses and consumers achieve greater insights into the advantages of these unique and innovative opportunities. The Brain Fund is a nonprofit organization established to provide new sources of college funding for students while allowing businesses to reach a larger target audience and to achieve greater saturation in their local, regional and national markets. With advertising expenditures expected to exceed $196.5 billion by 2017, The Brain Fund hopes to use a small portion of these financial assets to provide relief for students buried under a seemingly endless mountain of debt upon graduation.


Businesses Fund Our Programs

The Brain Fund actively recruits business partners in all areas of the United States. We work with companies in nearly every field of endeavor and of all sizes to ensure the most diverse lineup of choices for consumers. By providing our partners with a unique advertising venue and a solid platform on which to present their marketing campaigns, we can repurpose a portion of their overall advertising budget while remaining cost-neutral in terms of overall investment:
• The GridPAGES platform allows businesses to advertise online and to reach potential customers.
• By offering eduPOINT$ incentives for consumers, these businesses can attract increased traffic and added sales. These incentives are only provided when consumers complete the sale, making this one of the most cost-effective and reliable methods for marketing products and services online.
• The Brain Fund retains a small portion of the advertising funds paid in by companies to maintain its operations and uses the rest to fund eduPOINT$ and to sponsor activities designed to help college students manage the increasing costs of their higher education activities.


The Brain Fund also obtains funding from a number of other initiatives, including the following:

• Branded VISA credit cards that allow consumers to support our cause and earn bonus eduPOINT$ while spending money on items they would normally purchase
• Auctions on our website that generate funds for our programs
• Mobile app revenue
• Tax-deductible donations of cash or merchandise from our supporters
• The Genius Baby Registry
• Direct sales
• Fundraisers and sponsorships

These sources allow us to carry out our work in revolutionizing the way in which college educations are funded.


The Consumer Side of the Equation

Families, friends and other sponsors can help students build up funds in their 529 College Savings Program by purchasing items and services through participating business partners of The Brain Fund. These purchases can provide opportunities for earning eduPOINT$ that can be redeemed for college funding when the sponsored student is ready to pursue his or her higher education goals.


Student Funding Requirements

Students who participate in The Brain Fund eduPOINT$ program must meet a few basic requirements to achieve eligibility for fund disbursement:

• They must be accepted to an accredited college or university;
• They must actively support the activities of The Brain Fund by raising visibility for the organization and recruiting businesses and students to participate in these programs;
• They must be registered to vote, and
• They must be active in charity work in their community or on a regional level


Participants who meet these minimal requirements can receive funding from the eduPOINT$ program to help them finance their college educations at little or no additional cost. When combined with scholarships and direct financial aid, the funds received through the eduPOINT$ initiative can often allow students to graduate with little or no debt to ensure a brighter financial future.


The Brain Fund is committed to delivering the best possible options for students in managing the costs of higher education. By taking a proactive stance and signing up for the eduPOINT$ program, family members can support the educational goals of their children well before these students ever reach their chosen university campus. We believe that every student who works hard and is accepted to college should have the opportunity to attend an institution of higher learning. For participants in the eduPOINT$ program, the dream of graduating from college debt-free can be a practical reality.


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