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Internships and Participation Opportunities

Becoming an intern at The Brain Fund can provide valuable experience in a wide range of activities. Internships are available for those willing to commit to supporting our goal of debt-free college educations for all qualified U.S. students. Our interns work within their local communities to spread the word about the various programs sponsored and administered by The Brain Fund:

• Students and others who participate in our internships often work to recruit local companies to advertise their products and services through GridPAGES. The Brain Fund allocates all of the advertising revenues (less expenses) generated through these marketing strategies to support debt-free higher education opportunities for students via the eduPOINT$ initiative.
• Consumers can earn eduPOINT$ by purchasing products and services through our merchant partners. Parents, family members, friends and others can sign up to earn eduPOINT$ for a particular student. Each participating consumer can earn up to $1,000 per year for their student’s educational expenses. Over time, these amounts can add up to provide real help in managing the high costs of higher education.


Interning with The Brain Fund can offer significant benefits for participants:

• Students can potentially earn eduPOINT$ for their activities on behalf of The Brain Fund.
• They can acquire added experience in both the fundraising and the community outreach fields that can pay off in increased job opportunities in the future.
• In some cases, students may be able to earn college credit for their efforts on behalf of The Brain Fund.


By actively supporting our goals and doing your part to combat the increasing amount of student loan debt in the U.S., you can enjoy real benefits in pursuing your own college education and in helping other students achieve greater financial stability after graduation from college.


Endorsement of a common agenda platform by the below organizations reflects support for the critically urgent need to address core social ills and the plethora of underlying interconnected and interrelated ones, but is not necessarily an endorsement of The Brain Fund’s “Action Plan”, The Peoples’ Empowerment Project (TPEP) in its entirety.



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