Participating MERCHANTS

The Brain Fund updates our list of participating merchants on a regular basis to help students and their family members locate opportunities to earn eduPOINT$ toward their college education expenses. By checking back frequently for new entries on our list, you and your family can optimize your spending on behalf of prospective college students.


Suggest Merchants:

If you know of local merchants or companies that may be interested in participating in The Brain Fund’s innovative advertising and college funding initiatives, please let us know. We are constantly adding partners to our existing network of businesses and provide real support for new members of The Brain Fund family. Our GridPAGES advertising platform offers significant benefits for participating companies, including the following:
• Added visibility to key demographics both locally and nationally
• Improved reputation management and enhanced public image for partners who support the
eduPOINT$ program financially
• Efficient use of advertising funds to reach customers and to do the most good in communities,
regions and nationwide


The Brain Fund is a not-for-profit organization that allows businesses to allocate a portion of their advertising budget to the GridPAGES platform. Corporate partners enjoy increased exposure among students and their families and can often achieve higher sales and an improved position in their chosen industries.


By recommending the eduPOINT$ program and the GridPAGES advertising platform to businesses within your community or providing us with referral information for these companies, you can provide real benefits both to students and families looking for innovative college funding options and to these business concerns. This synergy can provide students with ways to manage expenses and get out of college debt-free while generating additional sales and traffic for our partners. At The Brain Fund, we are committed to revolutionizing the way college educations are funded across the United States.


Grid1One Commodities Group, LLC is the founding coalition business partner of The Brain Fund and currently manages our eduPOINT$ and membership programs.


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