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Consumer Benefits 1.0

Benefits of Consumer Participation

Participation in the eduPOINT$ program established by The Brain Fund can have significant benefits for students looking forward to pursuing higher education in the U.S. Some of the most important advantages of this innovative college funding opportunity include the following:

• Students and families are given the chance to earn funding by purchasing products and services they use on a regular basis.
• Purchases may be made locally or online through participating partners of The Brain Fund.
• The eduPOINT$ program is absolutely free to students and their families.
• Consumers are given opportunities to take advantage of merchant discounts intended specifically for eduPOINT$ participants.
• The Brain Fund works toward eliminating or reducing student debt at the time of graduation.
• Available branded bank cards, including The Brain Fund Visa, make it easier to earn points every day.
• The paperless process used for GridPAGES advertising and eduPOINT$ activities ensures greater environmental responsibility for all aspects of these programs.


Funds raised for students through the eduPOINT$ initiative are saved in a 529 College Savings Program and are available for use to defray expenses incurred for qualifying higher education studies. By participating in the exclusive programs sponsored and administered by The Brain Fund, consumers can make a positive difference in the lives of students while ensuring that they have access to the best deals from local and national companies in the competitive commercial marketplace.



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