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College Funding Solutions that Make Practical Sense

Students graduating from college this year carry with them an average of nearly $30,000 in debt. This situation is steadily getting worse; it is estimated that student loan debt amounts to more than $1.2 trillion and is increasing every year. The Brain Fund is committed to reversing this trend and providing college students and their families with practical solutions that can allow them to graduate debt-free and ready to participate fully in their local economies. We are a nonprofit organization that partners with businesses to reallocate a small portion of their advertising budget toward programs designed to fund college educations for deserving students.


Debt-Free Higher Education Requires A Plan of Action!

Our model is simple:
• With the help of dedicated individuals across the country, we enlist business partners to advertise their products and services through the GridPAGES platform. These partners gain added visibility and increased access to consumers in the competitive marketplace in return for allocating a portion of their advertising budgets directly to support the efforts of The Brain Fund in helping students pay for higher education at colleges across the U.S.

• Family members and friends of students can enroll in the eduPOINT$ program to earn points each time they purchase items from one of The Brain Fund’s partners. These points can be redeemed to fund studies at accredited colleges and universities. We work with major corporations and local businesses alike to provide the most comprehensive array of choices for participants.


Each participant in the eduPOINT$ program can earn up to $1,000 on behalf of a qualifying student. Along with available scholarships and direct aid opportunities, this can quickly add up to real help in managing the costs of a college education in the modern economy.


By supporting the efforts of The Brain Fund to provide debt-free college funding options for students and their families, you can combat the ever-rising tide of student debt and can make a positive difference locally and nationally in promoting a sound and stable economy for all.

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