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Joining The Brain Fund Now Can Boost Benefits for Consumers and Companies

Starting to save for a college education early in a child’s life can provide added funding for their academic pursuits after graduation from high school. The Brain Fund’s innovative eduPOINT$ program is a case in point:

• A student with just three sponsors, each of whom achieves the maximum $1,000 funding during their years of participation, would have $3,000 in their college fund after just one year.
• For students who achieve the same results over 10 years, the sum of $30,000 would potentially be available to fund studies at an accredited institution.


Since the average amount of student loan debt at the time of graduation exceeds $30,000, the value of joining early and maintaining participation throughout the student’s elementary and high school years is clear.


Companies can also derive significant benefits by joining The Brain Fund and advertising through our innovative GridPAGES platform. The goodwill and positive attention your company can attract by taking a stand on behalf of students can generate added traffic and sales for your business. Participating in the programs sponsored by The Brain Fund is typically cost-neutral for corporate partners; a portion of the money already spent on marketing and promotional campaigns is simply reallocated to advertising on the GridPAGES platform. This strategic shift of resources can help you reach previously untapped markets and demographics while providing material support to our cause.


The Brain Fund is committed to providing students and their parents with the most innovative options to fund college studies without incurring excessive debt in the student loan marketplace. Our eduPOINT$ program brings businesses and consumers together to create synergy and establish mutually beneficial relationships that increase sales and profitability for corporate partners and allow consumers to earn money toward college in a fun and financially sound way. By joining with us to combat the ever-growing problem of student loan debt, you can enjoy these benefits while making a positive difference in the lives of students across the United States.


Grid1One Commodities Group, LLC is the founding coalition business partner of The Brain Fund and currently manages our eduPOINT$ and membership programs. Register below to participate.


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