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Individual Sponsor

Be a Hero: Be a Sponsor for The Brain Fund

The Brain Fund depends upon individuals just like you to spread the word about the eduPOINT$ program and the other initiatives administered by The Brain Fund. By participating in our sponsorship opportunities, you will support our work on behalf of college students by publicizing our organization and programs in social media venues, by funding a scholarship for a deserving student or by recruiting business partners to join our cause and to adopt our loyalty program. As an individual sponsor, you can even establish a named scholarship with The Brain Fund in memoriam to a loved one or for any other reason.


Making Positive Progress Toward Student Loan Debt-Relief Solutions

The eduPOINT$ program allows students and each of their family members to receive up to $1,000 toward the cost of a college education each calendar year when they buy products or services from participating business partners. This can quickly add up to a healthy nest egg that can help defray the cost of college studies. The added exposure provided for businesses that participate in the program can amount to a real economic stimulus for sales and profitability to create a win-win situation for all parties. The synergy achieved through the programs sponsored by The Brain Fund has revolutionized the way Americans think about funding higher education.


Signing up as an individual sponsor for The Brain Fund can provide you with the chance to improve the lives of others. If you are a philanthropist, your donation to The Brain Fund is tax-deductible and will be used on behalf of students to help make the cost of university studies a little more affordable. At The Brain Fund, we are changing the way higher education is funded. Join us on our quest to provide real student loan debt-relief options for America’s youth.



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