Business Sponsor

The Benefits of Business Sponsor Status with The Brain Fund

By providing financial support for The Brain Fund through participation in the eduPOINT$ program or through direct donations, companies across the U.S. can support our innovative funding activities to provide real student loan debt-relief solutions for college students and their families. Our sponsors offer their time and financial resources to help fund the cost of college education and to provide an economic stimulus for sales and marketing in the competitive marketplace.


Becoming a Business Sponsor

Your company can become a business sponsor for The Brain Fund in a number of ways, including the following:

• Investing a portion of your advertising budget in marketing your products and services through the eduPOINT$ system
• Making a donation or offering a scholarship program to support the work performed by The Brain Fund
• Recruiting other businesses to participate in our debt-free higher education programs to provide increased funding opportunities for aspiring college students


By allowing students and their families to earn up to $1,000 each year toward a college education through your participation in the eduPOINT$ initiative, your company can establish a superior position in these key demographics and can enjoy a little private economic stimulus thanks to the added power of these marketing tools. Being a sponsor can be a win-win situation for you, your customers and your community.


As a business sponsor, you will be an integral part of The Brain Fund’s plan to provide debt-free higher education options for qualified students. In combination with scholarship funds and financial aid options, the eduPOINT$ system is designed to increase your corporate visibility and sales of your products and services while allowing you to enjoy a higher rate of return on your marketing investment. Participating in the eduPOINT$ program as a business sponsor ensures that you reach the widest possible audience for your products while playing an important role in transforming how higher education is funded. This can allow you to support the economic stimulus produced by instituting student loan debt-relief solutions and can earn you valuable goodwill among students and families in need of assistance in paying for their college education.



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