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eMails, Calls and Letters

Because Government Can’t Solve All Our Nation’s Ills

The Brain Fund is dedicated to the proposition that by working together, American businesses and consumers can solve the current student debt crisis together. We believe that by providing innovative and practical solutions to help students graduate from college debt-free, we can reverse current trends that threaten the existence of the middle class and consign new graduates to second-class economic status. With $1.280 trillion in debt currently stifling the U.S. economy, something must be done.


Businesses and Consumers Can Solve This!

The Brain Fund’s eduPOINT$ program allows students, family members and friends to earn points toward college funding by purchasing products and services from our partner companies. Businesses also benefit by enjoying a cost-neutral way to incentivize consumers to purchase their goods and services in preference to those offered by non-participating companies. It’s a win-win scenario that can add up to thousands of dollars in college funding for each student in our program.


How Can I Help?

As an Ambassador for the Brain Fund, you can promote our worthy cause and elevate the discussion regarding college funding in a number of ways:

• By sending emails to potential participants in the business and consumer marketplace
• By calling potential sponsors and benefactors to alert them to our cause and to persuade them to join with us to combat excessive student debt in the U.S.
• By posting comments in social media venues promoting The Brain Fund and urging others to “Sign-Up2 Support DEBT-FREE Higher Education” through our programs


View our emails, calls and letters sponsorship request here:


Your support is critical. Contact us today to become an Ambassador and to start making a difference in the way college educations are funded in America. We’re counting on you.


Join Us and Be The Change You Want To See!