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College Funding

>>>>>> Breaking News Alert <<<<<< There’s a higher education funding and student loan debt crisis in America!

Creating a New Paradigm for College Funding

Students today face unprecedented levels of debt as they graduate college and enter the workforce. A 2013 article published in Forbes Magazine indicated that the sum total of student loan debt at that time was over $1.2 trillion, second only to mortgages in accounting for all consumer debt in the U.S. This crippling financial burden is expected to create a significant drain on the economy and to present extreme challenges to college students not only in paying off loans after graduation but in managing costs during their educational careers.


A New Way of Looking at Funding

At The Brain Fund, we offer students and their families a way to get out of college debt-free while purchasing products and services they use on a regular basis. This can create a real economic stimulus by allowing college graduates to keep more of their earnings and spend them to support local and national companies. Our program can potentially provide financial options for students that can combine with scholarships and other sources of funding to deliver student loan debt-relief solutions in a proactive way.


Introducing Innovation into College Funding

The Brain Fund eduPOINT$ program allows students and their family members to earn funds for college by purchasing products and services from our partners in the business arena. The process works like this:

• Companies sign on with The Brain Fund to market their products and services through GridPAGES, our advertising platform, under an agreement that all advertising revenues earned through these efforts (less expenses) will go to benefit debt-free higher education.
• By purchasing products and services from our affiliated business partners, students, families and friends can earn eduPOINT$ that can be redeemed for funding of up to $1,000 each year to cover
college expenses.
• This creates a win-win scenario in which companies benefit by achieving higher sales and college students gain access to a new source of funding that can potentially allow them to graduate college without excessive debt.


Spending for corporate advertising is projected to reach more than $196.5 billion by the year 2017. By allocating just a small portion of these expenditures toward funding college educations for deserving students, companies can enhance their public reputation while making a real difference in the student loan debt problem facing families in the U.S.


The Brain Fund is a non-profit organization committed to innovative college funding solutions for students and their families. By working with companies across the U.S., we can create positive synergy that benefits all parties and reduces the amount of student loan debt incurred during the course of a typical college education. Our team is committed to providing the best possible options for debt-free college funding and to ensure that every student who wants to go to college can do so without excessive student loan debt at graduation.


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