Revenue Sharing Calculator

The below chart indicates revenue sharing fees payable to our Ambassadors for recruitment of individuals and businesses to participate in our eduPOINT$ program. Participation costs are nominal for business partners and participation is totally free for individual participants.


 Fee ApplicableIndividual Recruitment FeeBusiness Recruitment FeeRecruitment Maximum
Individuals or Organizations Fees
Per Recruitup to $100up to $250Unlimited


  1. Recruitment fees payable based on actual advertising revenue earned from participating business partners
  2. Recruitment fees will be due and payable 30 days after receipt of advertising fee paid by recruited business partner
  3. Recruitment fees will be payable each subsequent year recruited business partner participates in the eduPOINT$ advertising program
  4. Based on U.S. Census Bureau estimates, there are over twenty-seven million nine hundred thousand eligible businesses to recruit to participate in our eduPOINT$ program
  5. Based on U.S. Bureau population estimates, there are over three hundred twenty million citizens eligible to recruit to participate in our eduPOINT$ program
  6. The chart below depicts potential revenue sharing allocation for listed organizations based on membership and volunteer estimates. Actual Ambassadors’ Fund revenue sharing will be based on actual number of individuals and organizations agreeing to join the Ambassadors’ coalition and total advertising revenue generated allocated equally among all Ambassadors eligible to participate in revenue sharing
  7. Minimum payout $10 per recruitment or 10% of full up to amount based on 10% eligible advertising revenue sharing allotment

Sample revenue sharing for individual participant recruitment based on organization membership and volunteer data

OrganizationMembershipAmbassadors' Fund Revenue Sharing
Grassroots Organizations1,000,000$100,000,000

  • Annual Revenue Calculations Based on Information Entered

  • retailgrey
    Retail Industry
  • autogrey
    Automobile Industry
  • fortunegrey
    Fortune 1000
  • restaugrey
    Restaurant Industry
  • bizgrey
    Small Business
  • healthgrey
    Healthcare Industry